CARROT CAKE - delicious carrot cake with rich cream cheese icing 5.99

SEVEN-LAYER STRAWBERRY CAKE - strawberry glaze, strawberry mousse, 2 layers of strawberry cake, strawberry jam, crunchy pearls & vanilla mousse 5.99

PROFITEROL CAKE - chocolate cake with chocolate & cream topped with chocolate mousse & cream puffs 5.99

KEY LIME CHEESECAKE - sweet cheesecake with zesty key lime topped with meringue 5.99

ROCHER CHEESECAKE - New York-style cheesecake marbled & topped with Nutella 5.99

CARAMEL CHEESECAKE cheesecake with luscious caramel finished with walnut pieces 5.99

ZEPPOLE - deep-fried Italian pastry, like doughnuts, tossed in sugar & cinnamon, served with chocolate sauce 3.99

LIMONCELLO CAKE - sponge cake infused with Sicilian lemon layered with sweet Italian mascarpone topped with white chocolate curls 5.29

CANNOLI - crisp shells filled with sweet Ricotta & chocolate chips, plain or chocolate coated 3.99 mini 1.49

TIRAMISU - ladyfingers soaked in espresso, layered with a sweet mascarpone mousse 5.29

CHEESECAKE - New York-style 4.99 strawberry topping + 75¢

CHOCOLATE TORTE - rich, fudge-like torte, perfect for any chocolate lover! 5.29 **GF**